Ah hin and her new hairstyle

Ah hin is the current White Tiger and the only female among the Four Guardians . She is the half-elder-sister of Kim Ee jung and at the end of the Manhwa the wife or fiance of the Blue Dragon Yoon Woo-hyun.



Angel Diary V.2 Cover: White Tiger, Kim Ah hin


Young Ah hin on Angel Diary v.13

Known for being one of Heaven's greatest beauties, Ah hin has light pink coloured hair and eyes. Throughout the Manhwa, due to a change and development in the style of the drawers, Ah hin's appearance changes the most drastically out of anyone in the series. In the first few novels, she has long, losse wavy/curly hair that is straight at the top and longer than her waist and a small fringe at the front of her face (as shown on the cover of volume 2), however, as the series goes by, first her fringe becomes more pronounced and her hair shorter with tighter curls/waves and by the end of the series her hair either stops at or is above her waist and is wavy all the way through (not just at the top), and her fringe is now a pronounced split in the middle and then stray hairs in between the split. 

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The result of the Kim Ah hin Lady making project


Childhood Tomboy Ah hin

Dong Young once notes that Ah hin has great beauty and power, but very dry skin (especially in contrast to her brother's). When Ah hin was younger, due to her father, she was not allowed to dress up like a girl, and was so messy and unkempt that many assumed her to be the boy. Her beauty transformation can be seen in a side story.



Ah hin, before and now

Rangel diary v13 extra4 noir.angel diary v13 extra4 p045 noir

Ah hin's new personality

When she was younger, due to being bullied, looked down on and recieving harsh treatment from her father, Ah hin was very shy and timid. However, upon realising the 'power' that she holds (being insanely beautiful) she becomes more...confident. Ah hin is said to always get her own way (mostly by using her looks) and is quite good at manipuating people to get what she wants as well (as seen with poor Woo hyun when Dong Young wants to become King). Although Ee jung once states that she and Dong Young are alike as the only know how to use brute force to get what they want, this is ultimately shown to be untrue. According to Ah hin, due to her past as a bastard child, she has developed the ability to see people's true intentions. Overall, Ah hin is quite friendly, but can have a short temper and is more insightful than she first appears. Ee jung tells Woo Hyun that Ah hin used to be a girl with the most genuine smile, but began to wear a fake smile due to Woo Hyun's bullying. Ah hin has developed a very good skill in terms of style and make-up, able to turn the boyish Dong Young into a cute girl for her date with Bi wal.


As a child, Ah hin was caught in the middle of "the biggest scandal in Heaven". Her father, the former White Tiger, was made to marry the Red Phoenix by the King of Heaven, however, he already had a lover and Ah hin was their lovechild. When this news broke out, the Red Phoenix left the White Tiger and took their son Ee jung with her, this meant that Ah hin became the heir to the White Tiger as it was decided that Ee jung would succeed his mother as the next Red Phoenix. Ah hin was trained hard by her father the White Tiger who wouldn't allow her to dress up at all, because she was always dirty and messy, people assumed she was a boy and that her pretty younger brother was a girl. Ah hin was trained in Swordsmanship by a Sun-in called Young-hung Jingun who came to heaven

Ah hin being bullied by the young Blue Dragon

specially to oversee her lessons, she trained with Dong Young (when he/she was still genderless) for a time as well as the other guardians, as is tradition. When she was training with the Guardians she was often bullied by the Blue Dragon Woo-Hyun, who disliked (and simultaeneously had a crush on) her because his father would chastise him for having worse sword-skills than an "illegitamate (child)". Ah hin actually also had a crush on Woo-hyun and met the tree spirit Cho-ryun when she is upset about how mean he is to her. One day she sees apples on a tree and picks them, hoping to please Woo-hyun but stumbles upon him calling her "ugly" and "dirty" which makes her say that she will never appear in front of him again and run away crying. Years later, Ah hin and Ee jung are called by the Queen of Heaven to help Dong Young run away to Earth and Hide her, due to the fact that they are childhood friends.


Ah hin appears in Volume one of Angel Diary at school in the morning, where all the students, both male and female stare at her while she wanders the hallways. On the way she passes some boys, who observe that she is the 'eye-candy of the entire male student body'. She soon sees two girls who are walking out of a classroom and asks if there is a boy called Yoon Woo-hyun in the class (she does not know Woo hyun's identity at this point) and tells the girls that the teacher is looking for him. As she leaves the two girls are excited, saying "She's so pretty, just like a jenny doll." and "Kyah! We spoke to her!"

The next scene shows Ah hin in her own classroom, she yawns and at this point Ee jung makes his debut, saying that it is to be expected that she's tired since she stayed up all night (vanquishing demons). The two talk for a bit and Ah hin suddenly cups Ee jung's face in her hands...and stretches his cheeks out to let them snap back into place. When Ee jung exclaims why she did that a zoned out looking Ah hin replies that "It's so elastic." She proceeds to get ready to nap on her desk when Ee jung's phone rings. It's from Heaven. Ah hin hits the phone repeatedly with a hammer and nail while Ee jung tells her that it won't break easily since it's from Heaven.

The two walk outside and Ah hin yawns. They open the phone and a hologram appears, a creature that looks like Ma-Oh, who is called Seung Ji appears, exclaiming that the White Tiger (Ah hin) is as beautiful as ever. Seung ji has come with a message for the Four Guardians of Heaven. They recieve a mission to retrieve the runaway princess of Heaven before her wedding ceremony, a portrait of a beautiful girl is shown.

Ah hin is in the street with Ee jung, she has forgotten to tell Dong young that the guardians have been ordered to bring her back to Heaven, Ee jung tells her to wait since they are going CD shopping. Mah-oh appears crying anf telling Ah hin that Dong Young has been posessed, prompting Ah hin to ask "AGAIN??!!" She gets mad at Mah-oh from running away and dumps her bag with Ee jung, calls her cat familiar Mi Nyang. Ee jung tells Ah hin that she was supposde to go and buy CDs with him, to which her reply is "GO BY YOURSELF!"

Ah hin arrives at the classroom to find Dong young (who is no longer possessed thanks to Woo hyun and Doh hyun) and slaps her in hopes of hitting the ghost out of her. They talk about how Dong young's powers are sealed and Ah hin warns Dong young that the guardians are after her to which Dong young exclaims that they are the best 'Agents' in heaven. Ah hin shows her the picture of her that was given to the guardians, and Dong young cannot recognize herself. She recalls how they caked her face completely with makeup and a wig because of Queen Hong's dissatisfaction which makes Ah hin burst into laughter, saying "That's good makeup!" and "Here I thought you were a natural beauty!" Ah hin warns Dong young that even though she doesn't look like she does in the picture the guardians could still find out, especially the 'Black Turtle' who is the "Best of the best" of all time. Ah hin also mentions that Bi wal repels ghosts and that Dong young should stick close to him.

In volume 2, everyone goes and a field trip and Dong young is exposed. Ah hin convinces Bi wal and Doh hyun to keep this a secret and when she walks past Woo hyun, she blushes. Back at school Ee jung is worried about his sister who has been zoned out and demands to know what happened. Dong young doesn't know but Woo hyun and Doh hyun soon come up to the roof and Ah hin, upon hearing his name "Woo hyun" remembers that that is what Dong young called the boy she saw on the field trip and rushes to him, saying "Please be my boyfriend!", however, she is rejected by Woo hyun as he remembers a person from his childhood (a young Ah hin). Ah hin is crushed and runs away.

The next day Ah hin is feeling really down and sad, when they see her Woo hyun and Doh hyun wonder if she is in fact the princess due to her beauty. Woo hyun asks her to meet him after school to which she is overjoyed. After school she is going to meet Woo hyun when she sees him and Doh hyun slay a demon to save the tree spirit Cho Ryun. Ah hin has a scary and angry expression and says that they are "two of the Guardians, the Black Turtle and...the Blue Dragon!"

Volume 3, Ee jung's flashback. Ah hin is seen wearing pretty clothes but is hit by her father for dressing up. Ee jung comes to her rescue and helps her. The young Guardians train together and Ah hin is bullied by Woo hyun who is jealous of her and likes her. After hearing him say that she is dirty and ugly, Ah hin throws apples at Woo hyun and tells him she will never appear in front of him again.

Present day, Doh hyun and Woo hyun now believe that Ah hin is definately the princess since she recognised them. However, Cho ryun runs to Ah hin and tells them that Ah hin and Ee jung are the White Tiger and the Red Phoenix. Woo hyun, who only knows that he liked the White Tiger who he thought was a boy, thinks that his childhood crush was Ee jung and is distressed. Back at home, Ah hin is performing voodoo on a Woo hyun doll now that she knows his true identity. She goes with Cho ryun to Doh hyun and Woo hyun's house so that Cho ryun can thank them. Woo hyun learns from Cho ryun that Ah hin is not in fact the 'quiet and snobby' Red Phoenix but the White Tiger and the girl that he liked. After Ah hin sends Cho ryun back to heaven with a magic circle, she ignores Woo hyun and tells him and Doh hyun goodbye since she vowed never to appear in front of them again. Ee jung has been waiting for her a distance away and he asks if she has no feelings towards Woo hyun, in his memory, Ah hin stares at a smiling Woo hyun from behind a tree.

Woo hyun makes various attempts at winning Ah hin over, none of which work, until in volume 4, when Ah hin promises to date him if he agrees not to take Dong Young back to heaven. The two date throughout the next few books, and Dong young observes that even though Ah hin agreed to date him to keep him quiet, she has been with Woo hyun ever since. Ah hin also observes the relationships between Bi wal, Dong young and Doh hyun. And hates Mi hyang.

When Doh hyun is sent to Ah hin's house injured she pleads Mi Hyang who arrives to due to Bi wal's scent, to save him. Afterwards the two argue about why Doh hyun was in the state he was in. When Dong young comes back she rushes to her as she was worried and promptly agrees when Dong young announces her plan to become the King of Heaven. She also manipulates Woo hyun into being ok with it, saying that since she has already agreed there is no way Woo hyun would disagree. When Dong young has her date with Bi wal in book 11, Ah hin is dragged from school and gives Dong young a makeover, turning her into a cute girl.

In the last book, Ah hin is shown with Woo hyun as they go back to Heaven after hearing rumours about Doh hyun and Mi hyang. She meets Woo hyun's and Doh hyun's mothers (twins) and they scheme. Soon after, Ee jung who has just returned to Heaven hears that Ah hin's father has accepted a marriage proposal from the Blue Dragon family. There is a scene later on where Ah hin recieves a ring from Woo hyun (unknown whether it is a wedding or engagement ring). In the final chapters, Ah hin and Ee jung meet Woo hyun and they watch the parade together, Ah hin comments on how she is nervous even though Dong young is the one getting married. Ah hin gets annoyed by Mi hyang and Doh hyun, a couple who were rejected by their first loves and were feeling sad and melancholy due to the wedding.


Whang Dong YoungEdit

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Ah hin and Doung Young

Ah hin and Dong young became friends as they trained together under Ah hin's swords-teacher (side story). When they first meet, it is after Ah hin and Ee jung have met during their training with the other Guardians and also when Dong-young is genderless, but assumed to grow up to be a boy. At this time, Dong young hears rumours that Ah-hin is a girl and that the Red Phoenix is a boy and not the other way around and fears her father is playing matchmaker with the two of them, but upon seeing her, does not recognise Ah hin as a girl and thus treats her rudely. Dong young is the one responsible for Ah hin's current looks and behaviour as he is the one who helps her to become 'pretty' with the "Kim Ah-hin Lady making project". At present, Dong young and Ah-hin are close friends and Ah hin, as well as Ee jung, are always made to 'clean-up after' Dong Young.

Kim Ee JungEdit


Young Ah hin being comforted by Ee jung as their father walks away.

Ah Hin first meets her younger half-brother Ee Jung when they begin training training with the other guardians.
Angel Diary 01

Present, Ah hin and Ee jung

When they see each other for the first time they think that the opposition is 'pretty', Ah Hin, who is more outgoing than the naturally reserved Ee Jung asks him, "Huh, I haven't seen you before. You're pretty. What's your name?" but is struck down by their father who chides her for wearing girlish clothes that "Aren't fit for a warrior". Ee-Jung is the one who stops him and since then he has cared for Ah Hin a lot.  Ah Hin is followed around by her brother who loves her very much and it is said by Doh Hyun that "All of heaven knows how close those two are". They have very different personalities and their current relationships consists of Ah Hin making decisions and Ee Jung complaining but happily following along and doing whatever his sister wants to do. Ah Hin is shown to like pinching Ee Jung's cheeks and also often says to him to "Stop frowning, you're ruining your pretty face". Ah Hin and Ee Jung shares a close bond together and often works together to take down the demons their selves.

Ah hin and Woo Hyun in battle gear

Yoon Woo hyunEdit

Both Ah hin and Woo Hyun have had crushes on each other since childhood. However, when Woo hyun first sees   Ah hin, not only does he mistake her as a boy who 'looks like a girl' (because 'the girl in the pretty dress (Ee jung) can't be the White Tiger, White Tiger is supposed to be a man!'), but vows to 'make him cry' because his father (or his teacher) treated him harshly since he had not mastered the sword skills and the 'illegitimate White Tiger' had. He proceeded to bully her but was mad that she had not cried (in front of him). Ah hin picks some apples that she hopes, it will make Woo hyun nice to her but overhears him saying that "Red Phoenix is already cute but it won't happen to the White Tiger, he's ugly...dirty...the worst! I hate him." 


The marriage/proposal

Hearing this, Ah hin throws apples at him and vows that she will never appear in front of him again, she then runs away crying. Before Ah hin find's out that Woo hyun is the Blue Dragon (assuming the guardians had lost contact with each other) she falls in love with him at first sight and asks him to be her boyfriend. However, Woo hyun rejects her because he is still in love with the 'White Tiger' who he does not realize is Ah hin. Ah hin is crushed but the two find out the identity of the other soon after. This causes Ah hin to hate Woo hyun and Woo hyun to hopelessly chase after and faun over Ah hin who continuosly rejects him harshly. The two begin dating when Woo hyun and Doh hyun find out Dong young's true identity but have been happily dating ever since. At the end of the series, Ah hin and Woo hyun are engaged and married 

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Former White TigerEdit


The white tiger punishes Ah hin for wearing female clothing and wearing flowers in her hair

Ah hin's relationship with her father began rather strained. Being the illegitimate love-child of his lover, she was looked down upon but became his heir because the Red Phoenix took Ee jung with her when she left Ah hin's father. Ah hin showed exceptional talent as a swordsman, partly due to the fact that her father trained her extremely hard, not even allowing her to wear girlish clothes. 

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When Ee jung and Ah hin first meet the White Tiger suddenly strikes Ah hin down for wearing female clothing, in his very minimal appearances, he is shown to be strict with Ah hin and to have a short temper. However, he calms down when he sees Ee jung 'by his sister's side', possibly, he is more lenient on his son Ee jung whom he does not see often. When Ah hin undergoes her 'lady making project' she is extremely embarrased and worries that her father will be mad, when he first sees her he does not recognise her and begins to yell at her when he does, but some robbers rush in and are stopped just by Ah hin looking at them. When Ah hin realises that she is very beautiful, she smiles and coaxes her father into allowing her to dress how she wants. It is unknown how the relationship between Ah hin and her father is at present, but one can assume that since she has done it once, Ah hin is able to now manipulate her father into letting her get her way.

Former Red PhoenixEdit

No interactions have been shown between Ah hin and the former Red Phoenix, but in Ee jung's memory, his mother is the one who tells him to 'be nice' to his half sister since 'This is your father's fault, not hers...'. From this it can be seen that although Red Phoenix harbours bitterness over the former White Tiger, she is mature enough not to blame Ah hin who is caught in the middle of it.

Cho RyunEdit

There is some mix ups and crossovers that contradict the ways that Ah hin met Cho Ryun, the first way, shown in the main story of the Manhwa states that Ah hin meets Cho Ryun when Cho ryun comforts her. This is during the time that the young Four Guardians are training together. However, in the side story in volume 13, it states that the Ah hin and Ee jung sublings met Cho Ryun after Ah hin began to train with Dong Young (which occurs AFTER the Four Guardians have finished their manditory one month training together). Regardless, the two are quite close friends. Cho Ryun is also the reason that the Guardians find out that the identities of the other Guardians.


Trivia Edit

  • Ah hin is the illegitimate child of the former White Tiger and an unnamed woman.
  • After her appearance changes from messy to beautiful her personality changes.
  • According to character summaries her motto is "Beautiful people rule the world"
  • She is 176 years old, although due to the long lives of people in heaven, she looks about 17
  • She straps her phone to her thigh with a band whilst in school uniform
  • Her familiear, Mi-nyang is the only familiar of the four guardians to appear in the main storyline. The other familiars were introduced only as extra information, although her brother's familiar Su-ee appears in a side story



Angel Diary V.2


Ah hin and a watering can

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Ah hin's new personality


Young Ah hin on Angel Diary v.13

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Ah hin and Doung Young

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Angel Diary v2. Back cover


Dong Young and the Four Guardians


The four Guardians, Doh-hyun, Woo-hyun, Ah-hin and Ee-jung

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Heaven's Greatest Warriors the Four Guardians

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Young Ah hin

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The White Tiger

Angel Diary 01

Present, Ah hin and Ee jung


Cute Ah hin with a different hairstyle than usual

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