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A noble of hell from the So-wal family. She has known Bi-wal since childhood. She is currently in a relationship with Doh-hyun.

Appearance Edit

She is most known for her "weird hair", a trait of the So-wal family. Mi hyang has black hair and black/brown eyes. She is also a beauty, as it hinted that she is on the same level of attractiveness as Ah hin (one of heaven's greatest beauties).

Her most notable physical trait is her hair style which has three distinct layers. One of the layers is former by two somewhat triangular ponytails on either side of her head while the other two layers are made up of the remaining untied hair. On earth, Mi hyang gets rid of one of these layers so that she just has normal half up half down hair with two triangular ponytails (meaning she has 2 layers of hair instead of 3).

Personality Edit

Mi hyang is rather cocky and haughty such as when she notes that Ah hin is beautiful but states that "of course" she's "still prettier". She has been described as a brat. However she is also shown to be quiet observant and has a cute side.

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  • Mi hyang us the only daughter of the So-wal family in hell
  • As with her family, she is an expert on healing spells
  • She has liked Bi-wal since childhood
  • Her motto is "There is no tree that will not fall after 10 chops. (Chop it 100 times if it doesn't.)"

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