Doung Young

Dong Young holding her Winter General's Sword (with long hair)

Dong Young is the main protagonist of the story and is she is also known as Chun Yoo. Dong Young is the Princess of Heaven. She ran away in order to avoid the arranged marriage as she didn't want to marry the King Of Hell. And so, she escaped and went to the Human World to hide her identity.


It is stated that Dong Young can be quite pretty/cute when she agrees to grow her hair long and dress up (which is hardly ever). However, due to her tomboy personality, she often cuts it short and prefers male clothing as she finds that long hair is 'annoying'. Dong Young has emerald, green eyes and brown hair. Dong Young also has small breasts, as revealed by Mya-Oh.

It is interesting that when people think she is a boy they believe her to be a 'pretty-boy', but when they find out she's a girl they are surprised that she is not pretty (when still dressed as a boy).


Since Dong Young was originally raised and planned to be a prince, she has a very tomboyish personality. She is stated to have a similar personality to Woo Hyun, simple and straightforward. Also dense. Ee Jung states that she and Ah-hin always got along better than Dong young and Ee Jung because they both act without thinking. Dong Young seems to be under the impression that dressing up as a girl does not suit her and is embarrassing (as well as annoying). It has always been Dong Young's dream to grow up and become a drunk and useless old man who lives off her father's wealth like her older brothers. Dong Young is stated to be oblivious too.


Dong Young was born with the powers of the Winter General. She was trained and raised to be a Prince, however, due to a lack of daughters to marry off to the King of Hell, she was suddenly told to become a Princess instead of a Prince (as royal children in Heaven decide their genders upon reaching a certain age). This disrupted Dong Young's 'grow up rich and lazy' plans. Queen Hong then arranged for the White Tiger and Red Phoenix to help Dong Young escape and hide on Earth. When she first arrived she met Bi wal and the two became friends instantly, although he remembered her and she did not remember him.



Trivia Edit

  • Dong young has 6 brothers and 2 sisters
  • Her real name is Whang Chun Yoo
  • She is 176 years old, the same as as Ah hin
  • Her hobby is cursing and swearing at her father
  • Her motto is "Eat all you can" and "I dont like what I dont like"


Doung Young

Dong Young holding her Winter General's Sword (with long hair)

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Ah hin and Doung Young

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Princess Dong Young (Chun Yoo) Whang

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Dong Young and the Four Guardians


Dong young and the Black turtle


Dong Young and Bi wal

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Ryung, Dong young, Bi wal

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