Doh hyun is the current Black turtle and the leader of the four guardians. He guards the north of heaven and has a turtle familiar. He is said to be the strongest guardian, not only of his generation, but of all time. He is the cousin of Yoon Woo hyun and is currently dating So-wal Mi Hyang.

One of the Four Guardians of Heaven and perhaps the strongest of them all, the "Black Turtle". He is the second of the two Guardians ordered to capture the angel princess.


Doh hyun is very handsome just like the other heaveners. He notably looks like his father, who was described as looking somewhat girly and "like a teacher" by Doh hyun's mother before they met. Doh hyun has light purple hair and eyes, he is the tallest of the four guardians, although not as tall as Bi wal. Doh hyun also wears glasses on earth, but not in heaven. 


Doh hyun is extremely diligent, prioritizing his duty as a guardian before his feelings for Dong Young. He is shown to be a hard worker and responsible even as a child as he often took care of his younger siblings and Woo hyun. 

He is said to be cautious and careful, he also has a good heart. 


His childhood was spent with the Blue Dragon; Woo-hyun. In a side-story, it explains his past; taking care of his siblings. Both of his parents wished for a large family; which had been succeeded, but taking care of the children is a troubling situation.


Despite his observative nature, Doh-hyun finds out that Dong-young is a girl but still does not make the connection that she is, in fact, the angel princess that he was ordered to capture. He has a crush on the princess(Chun-yoo/Dong-young).

In later volumes of the manhwa, it was found out that since they were still little kids, Doh-hyun has liked the princess and wanted to protect her until the end. He has great feelings for Dong-young and even thought that marrying her in the end will be a good idea. After Doh-Hyun found out Dong-Young was the princess, Doh-Hyun became more protective of her and he threatens that if he finds her in a bad situation once he will be taking her back to Heaven. Later he begins to "develop feelings" for Mi-Hyang So-Wal and they become a couple.


Dong-young: He has great feelings for Dong-young and even thought that marrying her in the end will be a good idea. In the end, he and Mi-hyang were both sad by the marriage of Bi-wal and Dong-young.

Woo-hyun: His cousin.

Mi-hyang: He later begins to develop feeling for Mi-hyang and they become a couple. They are both saddened by the marriage of Bi-wal and Dong-young. [Mi-hyang's crush on Bi-wal and Doh-hyun having great feelings for Dong-young.]


  • Doh-hyun's familiar is a turtle with glasses called Sha Oh, who didn't show up in the manhwa.
  • Doh-hyun is the oldest of the four guardians at 178.
  • His hobbies are:pondering life, the universe and everything.
  • He is described as perfect, handsome, kind and good at school, sports and everything
  • He is worldly wise.
  • His goal is to always smooth things over somehow.